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Feeding a Toddler


Along with my eating healthier “resolution”, I decided that it was about time to get Jameson more on track with eating what we eat. I always wanted him to eat dinner with us and eat what we eat, but to be honest I catered to him a little bit. If I made something for dinner I “knew” he wouldn’t eat I would make him something else. The WORST was that I was so lazy to make dinner after Ryland was born I would wait for my Jake to come home to eat, and most of the time this would be past Jameson’s bedtime so for him I would make something different…. CORN DOGS! Jameson LOVES corn dogs. He ate far to many in between Rylands birth and New Years.

Jake and I were dedicated to get this kid straight. It was difficult for a few days. Jameson hardly ate anything and threw a fit when we wouldn’t cater to his every need WANT. He is just now starting to understand that he eats what is put in front of him or he just doesn’t eat. I am extremely proud to say I have found a few things that never in a million year would I think he would eat but not only did he eat it, he LOVED it.

I think we have made a turn for the better. It didn’t take as long as I had expected and it wasn’t half as bad as I anticipated. I am so glad we made this change, I no longer go to bed at night feeling like a horrible mother because of what my two year old ate all day. He is eating a crazy amount of vegetables now! Fruits are still a work in progress.


Use the Last of Everything


Last night for dinner I made “The Best Whole Chicken in a Crock Pot”. It was FABULOUS! Then with the chicken carcass I made Chicken Stock.


And with that Chicken Stock I made Split Pea Soup, which was amazing accompanied by our leftover Spinach Cheddar Chive Scones from breakfast!


It was so great to use one little organic whole chicken become not one but two whole meals with LOTS of leftovers.

I have to admit the 100 Days of Real Food is such a life savor for those thinking about cutting out processed foods from their diet!

New Years Resolution


My “BIG” New Years Resolution is to my family on a healthier track, meaning eating healthier and being more active. My first step in my resolution is to cut down on processed foods. I usually don’t make resolutions, but since I feel the need for a serious change, and new years is here I will call it that. Unfortunately, when I was pregnant with Ryland I had some serious morning sickness and later in pregnancy had serious back pain so we relied on processed foods more than I would like to admit. Then, once Ryland was born even though I stuffed my freezer full of food we were still eating lots of JUNK!

I stumbled upon this amazing website, plantoeat.com. I am a firm believer in meal planing and this website takes it to a whole new level. You are able to input your favorite recipes, plan out every meal/snack, and print out a shopping list for everything you need to make everything on your plan! The shopping list is my big selling point with this website. Taking the time to compile a shopping list is a lot of work, and if I don’t have a shopping list to stick to I come home with a ton of junk to eat, and food that I forget about and end up having to throw away at some point. Talk about a waste of money.

The big thing to remember about resolutions, or honestly any big life change, is that is a work in progress. Nothing happens overnight. If I have a bad day where I end up eating nothing but fast food doesn’t mean I’m going to give up, it means I’m going to work harder the next day. Hell, The first day I had planned to start my resolution (yesterday) we last-minute spend over 5 hours in the car. It really isn’t my finest moment to say we at breakfast at McDonalds and had more than one venti Starbucks drink on our drive but that’s real life. Things come up, stuff happens, but we move on and get over it.

I wish you all the best on your New Years Resolutions and hope you all remember to “Keep moving forward!”

…. and yes we did just watch Meet the Robinsons!